Christmas Favs

  1.  My favorite Christmas song is rocking around the Christmas tree! (Click rocking for link to song)
  2. The best treat to eat at Christmas is Christmas crack! its made from rice chex and golden grahams, coconut and almond. you also add like this sugar mixture to make it all stick together. (click the CRACK to get the link to the recipe.)
  3. My favorite movie is Elf! Elf is so funny! (Click on the first Elf to get the preview of the movie!)
  4. My favorite thing to do for Christmas doing our family polar express. So we me and my sister go to bed and my parents way us up with like a train whistle. Then we all get into our mini van and go look at Christmas lights! We eat cookies and drink hot chocolate! (click on polar to look at Christmas lights that Aren’t in your car.)
  5. 3 years ago I got a miniature golden doodle for Christmas. We still have him and his name is Toby. We got him a little bit before Christmas. My dad surprised us!
  6. This Christmas is very cold. So you and your family or friends could donate blankets to the homeless.

7. My favorite Christmas meme is…

8.  The Best Christmas/holiday gift to give to one of your friends is matching sweat shirts! 

9. The Best Christmas fact is Santa clause didn’t always wear red. “Santa Claus initially wore clothes that were in green, purple, or blue. For many years, this was the common theme for the jolly old man at the North Pole. However, Coca Cola decided to dress him up in colors that matched their brand, and that stuck. So this is why he is always in red clothes now!”                                                                                                                                           {}

10.  Best Christmas memory I have is when we had Christmas at my grandmas house. I was probably around the age of 7. It was my family of 5, My aunt with a family of 6, And my other aunt with a family of 5. I asked for a doc McStuffins get better talking mobile and my cousins got stuffed animals and we all played doc McStuffins. But its funny because my cousins were all boys! It was lots of fun!

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My Dream Bedroom!

It would be so cool to design my dream room! I would have so many cool things! so here are some of them!

  1. Swimming Pool Waterfalls by RicoRock®, Inc. - A new way to build custom swimming pool waterfalls.Pool/Hot Tub! It would be so cool to just roll out of bed right into a pool! I would want it to look kinda like this.(But indoor)




2. I would have a movie theater with a snack booth/Sushi bar! It would be so good because there would be someone that makes whatever kind of sushi you want. (the sushi picture has a link just click on the picture.)










3. Last but not least I would have a mall! Where they gave you fake money and you could get whatever you want! but they restock with new things every day! I feel like this would be amazing!

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Throwback Thursday Of What Child Hood Show’s/Movies

  1. Little Einsteins. This was a show on Disney channel I think. It was like an informational show that sings! Idk I just know that I loved it.

2. Backyardigans! They are like singing animals that can talk with really bad graphics.

3. Blues clues! Not the weird off brand new one! The OG!! Its about this guy who has a                                                                         blue dog and they have to find paw print clues and most everything can talk.

4. Umizoomi! Its about these 2 tiny tiny kids that have like magic things, And they have a                                                                                   friend robot that can do cool things. And they like help solve peoples problems.

5. Sophia the first! Its about a girl who living in a village and became a princess and she is learning how to be a princess.



Your personality quiz results!

CLick HERE to go to my google form, Then click on the links provided and take the quiz, Then type in your results to the quiz! You don’t have write in the form what your results were, You could just use the links! Also you don’t have to put your name but I would love to try and get to know my bloggers better! (Comment which one was your favorite quiz!)


Credits: Kids National Geographics, Google forms, You blog reader, And Bently Paynter. Thanks again!

My Name!

My name is Bently. My moms name is Ashli, And my dad’s name is Ben, If you combine them you get Bently. They didn’t mean to do this but oh well! Lol! According to My name means “Energetic , High ability of Persuasion , Happy , Succeed in business , Rich and Humble , And Protective.” Well I spell my name Bently, But the internet spells it Bentley.

So ya!

FUNNY HALLOWEEN Costume ideas!

Here are some good halloween costume ideas! Thanks!

1. M&M’S! This could be a 2 or more person idea, Or just 1!

2. Shrek! You could be Shrek and Fiona! Or just Shrek!

3. Robin Hood! Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor! You could be a girl or boy Robin Hood

4. AMONG US! SUSSY! You could be an among us character, Any color!

5. Smurfes! You could be Smurfette, Papa, Clumsy, Brainy, Grouchy, Or Hefty.

6. You could be any holiday! Christmas, Valentines day, Easter, St. Patricks day!

7. You could be any movie character!

8. Game’s! You could be any game like twister!

9. You could be any food!

10. A viking! Go DPMS!

The Results Are In!

On my “Favorite Fast Food Restaurant” Google form quiz, There were a total of 14 responses!  %71.4 of you guys said that your favorite restaurant was Chick-Fil-A! Which is also my favorite! %21.4 of you choose In-n-Out! If you didn’t take my poll! Then comment what your favorite restaurants out of thoe options are! Also take my other quizzes! Did you know that In-N-Out was voted Utahs #1 favorite fast food restaurant? It is! What is your guys favorite thing to get from In-N-Out? comment!